GOARCH - July 19, 1999

Archbishop Spyridon and HALO Send Joint Letter of Appeal
to President Clinton for Peaceful Solution of Cyprus Issue

New York, NY- His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, along with HALO (Hellenic American Leaders and Organizations) have written a joint letter to President Clinton appealing for his leadership and assistance in helping to orchestrate a peaceful and harmonious solution to the Cyprus issue. The text of the letter is given below with the signatories following.

"The 25th commemoration of the Turkish invasion of the Republic of Cyprus occurs on July 20 of this year. That invasion destroyed the religious and cultural heritage of 37% of the Republic of Cyprus -- that territory which now is under Turkish occupation. The invasion also displaced 200,000 Cypriots from their ancestral homes, massively violating the human rights of all the Cypriot people.

"As you know, the problem of Cyprus is of great concern to many people around the world and in the United States, as has been reflected in expressions of many governments, our Congress and your administration. As well, it is of extraordinary importance to all Hellenes, particularly the Greek-American community.

"Following NATO's actions in Kosovo, the division of Cyprus can no longer be marginalized by the United States or the world community. The time for the settlement of Cyprus has come.

"Settlement of the Cyprus problem will, in addition to restoring the freedoms and human rights of the people of Cyprus, better secure America's security interests in the region. A just and viable Cyprus settlement will contribute greatly to the establishment of peace and security in the volatile region of the Eastern Mediterranean and contribute to the improvement of relations between U.S. allies Greece and Turkey.

"As U.S. officials who provided the leadership in Kosovo have said, American and NATO actions were guided by the principle of respect for human rights, particularly the return of the refugees to their homes in conditions of dignity, peace and security. The same principle applies, of course, to the situation in Cyprus, particularly with regard to the illegal displacement of the Greek Cypriot population from the areas now occupied by the Turkish army.

"American leadership and your personal involvement brought substantial progress toward peace in Northern Ireland and the Middle East. It is our belief that with the proper attention and determination, the United States can be instrumental in achieving a just, viable and peaceful Cyprus solution. Such a solution to the long festering Cyprus problem must be established on the principles of international law. In light of your repeatedly expressed desire to contribute to a just solution, we hope that during the remaining time of your administration, you will personally and vigorously pursue this matter.

"The parameters for a Cyprus solution are already at hand, embodied in the relevant United Nations resolutions and the High-Level Agreements of 1977 and 1979. We believe that a window of opportunity for achieving a settlement to the problem now exists. Indeed, the position of the Government of Cyprus, as has often been expressed, is that a solution can be achieved in a way that would secure the well-being of all Cypriots in a bizonal and bicommunal federation with the presence of an international force. That presence can guarantee the implementation of any agreement reached and will alleviate the security concerns of all the inhabitants of the island. The Government of Cyprus has committed to covering the expenses of such a force using the savings that would accrue from the demilitarization of the island, as proposed by President Glafcos Clerides.

"In your hands, Mr. President, lays the chance for an end to the tragic division of Cyprus and a better and brighter future for the people of Cyprus and their children, Greeks and Turks alike. A Cyprus settlement can allow Cyprus to again become a shining example of the kind of world so often envisioned in your statements - a world governed by the principles of ethnic and religious tolerance, multiculturalism, democracy and full respect of human rights."


Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America

and the following signatories:

George Almiroudis
Past President, Chian Federation
Astoria, NY

Aris Anagnos, President
Hellenic American Council of
Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

Philip Angelides
Treasurer, State of California
Sacramento, CA

Andrew A. Athens, President
World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)
National Chairman
United Hellenic American Congress
Chicago, IL

Hon. John Brademas
President Emeritus
New York University
New York, NY

Plato Cacheris
Law Offices of Plato Cacheris
Washington, DC

Peter B. Caloyeras, Chairman
Magnetica, Inc.
Gardena, CA

John Catsimatidis
Chairman and CEO
Red Apple Group
New York, NY

Philip Christopher, President
International Coordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (PSEKA)
President of the Pancyprian Association of America
Astoria, NY

Andreas Comodromos, President
Cyprus-U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Paramus, NJ

Eve Condakes, National President
Greek Orthodox Ladies
Philoptochos Society
New York, NY

Dr. Takey Crist, Chairman
AHEPA Cyprus & Hellenic
Affairs Committee
Jacksonville, NC

George Dariotis
Supreme President
Order of AHEPA
Alexandria, VA

Peter Dinos, President
United Greek Cypriots of Northern California
Oakland, CA

Alexandros Doulis, President
Chian Federation of America
Astoria, NY

Hon. Michael Dukakis
Former Governor
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Distinguished Professor
Northeastern University
Boston, MA

Jack Georgalas, Chairman
Board of Directors
Order of AHEPA
Newport News, VA

George Georgopoulos, President
Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, Inc.
Astoria, NY

Hon. Demetrios Giannaros
Connecticut State Representative
West Hartford, CT

Theodora S. Hancock, President
Hellenic American Women's Council (HAWC)
Arlington, VA

Dr. James Kallins
Past Supreme President
Pan Arcadian Federation of America
Bellflower, CA

Chris Kirkos, President
Pan-Epirotic Federation of America
Lincolnwood, IL

George Kokalis, Chairman
Leadership 100
Phoenix, AZ

Dimitrios Kokkoros, President
Pan-Laconian Federation of U.S. and Canada
Willowdale, Ontario, CANADA

Andreas Kyprianides
Honorary Consul General of Cyprus
Los Angeles, CA

Charis C. Lapas
GP Enterprises
Washington, DC

Anthony J. Limberakis, M.D.
National Commander
Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate
Rydall, PA

Dr. Spiro Macris
Former Supreme President
Order of AHEPA
Wilmington, NC

Andrew E. Manatos, President
National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes
Washington, DC

Mike Manatos, Vice President
Manatos & Manatos
Washington, DC

Steve Manta
Past Supreme President
Order of AHEPA
Hammond, IN Charles Marangoudakis
Vice President
"OMONOIA" Cretan Association
Maspeth, NY

Dennis Mehiel, Chairman & CEO
Sweetheart Cup Company
New York, NY

Dino Miltiadou, President
Pancyprian Association of
Washington, DC
Silver Spring, MD

Dr. Charles C. Moskos
Department of Sociology
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

Nikos Mouyiaris
Executive Vice President
Pancyprian Association
Long Island City, NY

Sakis Onisiphorou, President
Pancyprian Association of Texas
Houston, TX

George Panichas
Former Rhode Island State Representative
Lincoln, RI

Dr. Constantine Papadakis, President
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA

Seraphim P. Papajiannis, M.D.
Supreme President
Pan-Macedonian Association - U.S.A.
Quincy, MA

Assemblyman Louis J. Papan
California State Representative
Sacramento, CA

Peter Papanicolaou
Immediate Past President
Cyprus Federation of America
Brooklyn, NY

Marika Papouris-Trizonis, President
Federation of Hellenic American Societies
of Philadelphia and Greater Delaware Valley
Broomall, PA

Gregory Pappas
Greek America Magazine
Burlington MA

Peter J. Pappas
P.J. Mechanical Corporation
New York, NY

James Pedas
Circle Management
Washington, DC

Ted Pedas
Circle Management
Washington, DC

Nina Peropoulos, Vice President
Pan-Macedonian Association of the U.S. and Canada
Houston, TX

Hon. Leonidas P. Raptakis
Rhode Island State Senator
Coventry, RI

James Regas, President
United Hellenic American Congress
Chicago, IL

James S. Scofield
Past Supreme President
Order of AHEPA
St. Petersburg, FL

Gus Sevastos, President
United Chios Society of America
Seven Hills, OH

Hon. Perry Sfikas
Maryland State Senator
Annapolis, MD

John E. Skandalakis, M.D.
Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Ambassador Michael Sotirhos
Former U.S. Ambassador to Greece
Pompano Beach, FL

Theodore Spyropoulos, President
Hellenic American National Council
Chicago, IL

Chris Tomaras, President
North & South America Region
World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE)
President of Pan-Messinian Federation of the U.S. and Canada
Chicago, IL

Angelo Tsakopoulos, Chairman
AKT Development Corporation
Sacramento, CA

Savas C. Tsivicos, President
Cyprus Federation of America, Inc.
Ocean, NJ

Christine Warnke
Hellenic American Women's Council (HAWC)
Washington, DC

Stephen G. Yeonas
Chairman of the Board
Stephen G. Yeona Company
McLean, VA

Tasos Zambas
Executive Vice President
Cyprus Federation of America
New York, NY

  July 19, 1999 ]