Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - July 9, 1999


Another Example of Goal's Unctuous, Haughty Attitude

I thought I heard everything from GOAL, but I was wrong. The article that appeared in the June 26-27, 1999 National Herald entitled "GOAL to Hold National Conference in Rhode Island" was, to say the least, mind boggling. It takes the proverbial "cake." That article stated, in pertinent part, as follows:

  • In comments to the National Herald Dr. Thomas Lelon, one of the two GOAL executive directors (neurosurgeon John Collis is the other) said that in case the Archbishop is reassigned, as it has been signaled, "GOAL will rally behind the new Archbishop provided that he is a person who is appropriately suited for the assignment and the duties of the Archbishopric of the United States. Our concern has been that the Archbishop of the United States must understand and have a deep appreciation of the one hundred years of our history in this country."
  • Dr. Lelon said about the future of GOAL that "we will bring closure to GOAL's activities and we will work individually as the Church calls upon us to assist the new Archbishop to bring unity to all of our people and to strengthen the Body of Christ" provided that the new Archbishop is the right person.
  • Dr. Lelon warned that "if someone like Metropolitan Michael of Austria, or some other person not appropriately suited is selected, then we are going to continue the struggle and as one of our elders said in our meeting 'I am prepared to do this until the Lord takes me from this earth'."

Mr. Lelon, presumably speaking on behalf of GOAL, is in essence threatening the Ecumenical Patriarchate by saying "pick a new Archbishop who has GOAL's stamp of approval" or the "struggle" will continue. What brass! Who does he think he is? Who is running our Church? GOAL seems to think it is. Mr. Lelon seems to think that GOAL is the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and that he is the Patriarch. Is this unmitigated arrogance or what? Some might say that the appropriate response to Mr. Lelon and the Goalies would be to tell them to go and fly a kite.

Mr. Lelon and the other Goalies must realize that they do not run our Church. Just because they can scream the loudest, they do not have a license to do and say whatever they want. It seems clear that GOAL's agenda is to force upon the Church an Archbishop who GOAL can control (i.e. someone who is boot licking and servile to GOAL's whims and fancies). Next they will want to choose the Metropolitans and Bishops. I do not know about you, but to me, such thoughts are repulsive.

By George C. Rockas
Editor of Stewards Website

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