The GreekAmerican - October 21, 1999


Your All Holiness,

Archbishop Spyridon came here with little or nothing, he took less salary than was offered to him, he refused fancy limousines and formal dinners, he lived in a modest residence, he avoided unnecessary attention and accolades, he maintained a basic wardrobe and possessed only the necesities. He was committed to his work; he taught and lived the truth. He was controversial for his stand on corruption in the church of God, both dogmatic and financial. He dared to speak and take action where action was needed, even at the expense of his public and personal life.

In turn he was called "arrogant" and "autocratic", he was maligned and attacked both for his actions as well as his convictions.
He endured public and personal scourging, yet he remained unshakable in his dedication to truth, to decency and to God.
Finally he was betrayed, humiliated and publicly crucified.

We regret that the loss of this highly capable and spiritual leader from the ranks of active ministry to our Church has occurred because of political pressure and injustice at the hands of his brother hierarchs and the Mother Church.



[ The GreekAmerican - October 21, 1999 - p. 16 ]