Harry J. Pappas

December 13, 1999

His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios
Archbishop of America
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America
10 East 79th Street
New York, NY 10021

Your Esteemed Eminence:

Recently there have been rumors which I pray are unfounded that earlier decisions made in the ordinary course by the Archdiocesan Council and the Executive Committee are somehow displeasing to the Patriarchate and Your Eminence and that, consequently, there shall be some attempt to unravel them. I mentioned one such concern to you during our Friday telephone conversation; that is, the pension plan approved for our Bishops, Metropolitans and Archbishop, including the recently retired Archbishop Spyridon. Your answer was vague and unresponsive.

Please know that in the entire prior history of our Archdiocese, neither the Patriarchal Synod, the Synod in America or any other clergy have ever sought to undo a pension plan established by the Archdiocesan Council or Executive Committee for the security of our clergy after a lifetime of service to the Orthodox Christian Church. Rather, it was predominantly lay persons who undertook to decide such plans with the advice and counsel of their hierarchs.

Please also know that there is no basis of which I am aware other than defrocking and excommunicating Archbishop Spyridon for the denial of a duly established pension benefit. Should any unseemly effort be undertaken to undo the well considered, unanimously approved, legally proper, binding and enforceable decisions in these regards, do be plainly advised that I shall undertake forthwith all legal action to hold all such persons who would seek such a vulgar and nefarious result individually accountable and responsible. Our work was done ethically, honorably, properly and with due authority.

I am sure you will join in defending the work of your Archons and Executive Committee.

Harry J. Pappas
Archon Referendarios and
Member of the Executive Committee

Corporate Office
500 South Chinworth Road * Visalia, California 93277 * (559) 733-7800 * Telecopier (559) 733-7878

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