Voithia - July 30, 1999

Aris Varellan responds to Tara Concelman's letter


I would like to respond to Tara Concelman's letter. It is apparent that Tara is angry and misinformed. One statement is totally inaccurate, when she says that GOAL does not like the Archbishop's power. What she does not understand is that GOAL has pointed out the Archbishop's ABUSE of power! If it weren't for GOAL and their "guts" to confront the issues, we the faithful would not have had a clue!

As for her being a convert, I'm not quite sure why she had to state that, good for her! There is no way she can be Greek (she states she does'nt want to be), good for us! She should take her "venom" back to whatever faith she came from. As for GOAL and Voithia being the source of "chaos", in this case chaos means informing us all, then keep it up!

Aris Christos Varellan
Clifton, Virginia

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