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Most Reverend Bishop Jaime Soto, V.G.

(December 31, 1955, Inglewood, California-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento, California, 2008-Current. Ordained Priest, June 12, 1982. Associate Director, Catholic Charities of Orange County, California, 1986. Vicar of Charities, Diocese of Orange County, March 1, 1999. Auxiliary Bishop of Orange, California, May 31, 2000-October 11, 2007. Co-Adjutor Bishop of Sacramento, California, October 11, 2007-November 29, 2008. Bishop of Sacramento, California, November 29, 2008-Current.



Auxiliary Bishop Jaime Soto Signature


Most Reverend Archbishop Berhaneysus Demerew Souraphiel, C.M.

(July 14, 1948, Tchela Claka, Ethiopia-Alive). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 1999-Current. Ordained Priest, Congregation of the Mission, Roman Catholic Church, July 4, 1976. Prefect of Jimma-Bonga, Ethiopia, 1994. Apostolic Administrator of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and Titular Bishop of Bita, November 7, 1997. Archbishop of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, July 7, 1999-Current.


Archbishop Berhaneyesus Demerew Souraphiel Signature


Most Reverend Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva

(June 16, 1930, Santa Maria de Avioso, Portugal-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, 1993-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, August 1, 1954. Auxiliary Bishop of Braga, Portugal, and Titular Bishop of Lemellefa, April 30, 1979. Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon, Portugal, 1981. Co-Adjutor Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, May 7, 1987. Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, Portugal, February 2, 1993-Current.


Bishop Serafim de Sousa Ferreira e Silva Signature


Prophetess Joanna Southcott

(April, 1750, Gittisham, Devonshire, England-October 29, 1814). Religious Prophet. Born a Methodist. Domestic servant. Persuaded that she possessed supernatural gifts, she began making prophecies, 1792. Proclaimed herself "The Woman Clothed with the Sun." Began "sealing" the 144,000 elect, allegedly in exchange for payments. Claimed that she would give birth to the New Messiah, known as Shiloh on October 19, 1814. He failed to appear,but believers assert he was born and "taken up to the Father." The Prophetess died of a brain disease 10 days later. Many of her prophecies were placed in a locked box, only to be opened at her "great trial" to be held in the future. Her followers became known as Southcottians, with some forming the Panacea Society. Author of 60 publications, which are noted for being incoherent and suffering from poor grammar.


Prophetess Joanna Southcott Signature


His Eminence Francis Joseph Cardinal Spellman

(May 4, 1889, Whitman, Massachusetts-December 2, 1967, New York, New York). Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, New York, 1939-1967. Ordained Priest, May 14, 1916. Auxiliary Bishop of Boston, Massachusetts, July 30, 1932. Archbishop of New York, New York, April 15, 1939. Secondarily appointed Military Vicar of the United States, December 11, 1930. Elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, February 18, 1946. Participated in Conclaves of 1958 and 1963. Attended Vatican II Council (Member, Board of Presidency), 1962-1965.


Francis Cardinal Spellman Signature


Most Reverend Archbishop Francis John Spence

(June 3, 1926, Perth, Ontario, Canada-Alive). Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1982-2002. Ordained Priest, April 16, 1950. Ordained Priest, April 16, 1950. Auxiliary Military Bishop of Canada, April 1, 1967. Bishop of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, August 17, 1970. Second appointment as Military Bishop of Canada, March 14, 1982. Archbishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, April 24, 1982. Retired as Military Bishop of Canada, 1987. President, Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1995-1997. Retired as Archbishop of Kingston, April 27, 2002.


Archbishop Francis J. Spence Signature


Most Reverend Bishop Jude Speyrer

(April 14, 1929, Leonville, Louisiana-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Lake Charles, Louisiana, 1980-2000. Ordained Priest, Lafayette, Louisiana, July 25, 1953. Bishop of Lake Charles, Louisiana, January 29, 1980. Resigned as Bishop of Lake Charles, December 12, 2000.


Bishop Jude Speyrer Signature


His Eminence Tomas Cardinal Spidlik, S.J.

(December 17, 1919, Boskovice, Czechoslovakia-April 16, 2010, Rome, Italy). Roman Catholic Educator. Professed Member, Society of Jesus, Roman Catholic Church, September 24, 1942. Ordained Priest, Society of Jesus, Roman Catholic Church, August 22, 1949. Spiritual Director, Pontifical Nepomuceno Seminary, 38 years. Elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals, with dispensation from episcopal consecration, October 21, 2003.


Tomas Cardinal Spidlik Signature


Blessed Carlo Spinola, S.J.

(1564, Naples, Italy-September, 1622, Nagasaki, Japan). Roman Catholic Missionary and Martyr. Ordained Priest, Society of Jesus, Roman Catholic Church, c. 1584. After a mission ministry in Italy, he was assigned to Japan. It took him six years to reach Nagasaki in 1602. In Miyako, he taught mathematics and astronomy at the Jesuit college until 1614, when the Shogun began to persecute Christians. Priests were banished from Japan, but Spinola remained. He was captured, December 13, 1618, and imprisoned for four years. Burned at the stake in Nagasaki, September, 1622.


Blessed Carlo Spinola Signature


Baruch de Spinoza

(1632, Amsterdam, Netherlands-1677). Jewish Philosopher. His father and grandfather were crypto-Jews, but he received a traditional Jewish education. Contended that the Scriptures do not maintain that God has no body, that angels exist, or that the soul is immortal. Excommunicated, 1656. Associated with a former Jesuit who ran a school for children. A lens grinder. Author of A Short Treatise on God, Man and his Well-Being, The Ethics, and On the Improvement of the Understanding. Critical of Cartesianism. Could not get The Ethics published and died in 1677 from a long disease resulting from breathing dust from lens grinding.


Spinoza Signature # 1


Spinoza Signature # 2


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Right Reverend Bishop John Shelby Spong

(June 16, 1931, Charlotte, North Carolina-Alive). Episcopal Bishop of Newark, New Jersey, 1976-2000. Ordained Priest, 1955. Pastor, St. Joseph's Episcopal Church, Durham, North Carolina, 1955-1957. Pastor, Calvary Parish, Tarboro, North Carolina, 1957-1965. Pastor, St. John's Episcopal Church, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1969-1976. Bishop Co-Adjutor of Newark, New Jersey, June 12, 1976. Bishop of Newark, 1978-2000. Opposed segregation and racial discrimination. Known as "Jack" Spong. Named "Humanist of the Year," 1999. Noted for his radical liberal views on homosexuality, Christian-Jewish relations, the ordination of women, and a variety of theological issues. Author of numerous popular works on religious concerns.


Bishop John S. Spong Signature


His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon of America

(September 24, 1944, Warren, Ohio-Alive). 5th Greek Orthodox Archbishop of North America, 1996. Born George Papageorge. Grew up in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Ordained Priest, Greek Orthodox Church, 1976. Secretary, Permanent Delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarch to the World Council of Churches, 1966-1967. Dean, Greek Orthodox Community of St. Andrew, Rome, Italy, 1976-1985. Auxiliary Bishop of Austria and Exarchate of Italy, 1985. First Metropolitan, Holy Archdiocese of Italy, November, 1991-1995. 5th Archbishop of America, July 30, 1996. Resigned as Archbishop, July, 1999. Controversial Archbishop, accused of being arrogant and autocratic. Defenders asserted he was ousted through the scheming of his predecessor, Archbishop Iakovos.


Archbishop Spyridon of America Signature


Most Reverend Bishop Jan Srutwa

(December 1, 1940, Majdan Gorny, Poland-Alive). Roman Catholic Bishop of Zamosc-Lubaczow, Poland, 1992-Current. Ordained Priest, Roman Catholic Church, May 31, 1964. Auxiliary Bishop of Lublin, Poland and Titular Bishop of Liberalia, July 25, 1984. Bishop of Zamosc-Lubaczow, Poland, March 25, 1992-Current.


Bishop Jan Srutwa Signature