Vigrid - June 19, 2016

An Orthodox Mess
Church meeting in Crete without Russia

For the first time in 1229 years leaders for all branches of the Eastern Orthodox Church were set to meet – in Crete, today. It didn’t work out as planned; Russia isn’t participating.

As it often is with religious matters it’s a complicated story. However, having browsed through various articles on the subject, we conclude that the main problems are:

  • The Western sphere of the Orthodox Church is, and not for the first time, representing Western – AngloZionist – interests at the expense of the interests of the Eastern sphere, which in fact is the bigger one.

  • There’s an effort to “water down” Orthodoxy with the fashionable Ecumenical gospel; preaching “all Churches are really one and the same.”

  • Russians fear that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will be used politically against Russia.

  • The most “official” reason: The Churches of Serbia, Bulgaria and Georgia asked for a postponement of the meeting in order to work out some disagreements. The request was turned down. And then Russia turned the meeting down.

An important character in this Orthodox Mess is Fr. Alex Karloutsos. It seems he’s the guy who refused to postpone the Pan-Orthodox meeting when Churches in several countries requested this. He refused – and so they didn’t show, including Russia.

Naturally, Father Alexander is an ardent ecumenist and advocates co called Judeo-Christian values.

Fr. Alex Karloutsos is an ordinary archpriest. However, this does not prevent him from being one of the most influential people in the Patriarchate of Constantinople. The Greek press in the US calls him “omnipotent Fr. Alexander Karloutsos —the one every President knows by first name— “Fr. Alex” as they have endearingly called him”.

He is called the gray eminence of the Archdiocese of Ecumenical Patriarchate in America. “The Machiavel who functions as a sort of papal legate within the GOA. In reality, he is the man who really runs the show.”

Quote from: WHO ARE YOU FR. ALEX? (Katehon)

According to the article linked above Fr. Karloutsos is the reason, or one of the chief reasons, for Russia’s not participating in the Pan-Orthodox meeting. He represents AngloZionist interests that are in conflict with the interests of Russia and its Russian Orthodox Church. He’s best buddies with George Soros who is his neighbor (!); with former CIA Chief George J. Tenet; with two American business moguls, and according to Turkish media: “is acquainted with Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish Islamist leader living in the United States and working with the US intelligence agencies.”

In other words, Fr. Karloutsos bears more resemblance to a typical shady Neocon or a CIA agent than to a God-fearing and meek Orthodox priest. Or: Is the Orthodox Church as rotten as the Catholic now? We’re not really surprised in that case. Everything’s just a matter of time.

Then you have the current Archbishop of Constantinople and Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew I. Another quote from Katehon – our emphasis in bold:

[…] why today many Orthodox Christians are seriously concerned that the planned Pan-Orthodox Council will not be a representative meeting of the Orthodox bishops of local Churches, but a kind of simulacrum of the Eighth Ecumenical Council. That means a fake Council at which Patriarch Bartholomew will try to impose his personal will (and thus, the will of his Western curators) upon the Orthodox world. In the end, this formal event will not lead to a convergence between Orthodox Christians, but will lead new confrontations and even splits.

There’s a lack of trust on part of many Orthodox Christians, obviously including the Russians, toward this Archbishop/Patriarch Bartholomew I. They fear he plays a double game; pretending to be Orthodox while in actuality deconstructing the Orthodox Church with AnloZionist (and you could add Vatican) backing.

No matter the details; no matter “true reasons” vs. “false reasons,” we see the outcome: Russia is again left out in the cold.

Whether it’s trade, whether it’s religion, whether it’s military: Russia is the guy you don’t invite to your party. Or: Russia doesn’t show up because he either knows he’s not welcome, or he thinks your party stinks. Russia is left outside. Last Katehon quote:

Perhaps instead of going to Western intelligence agencies-infected Crete in June, it would be better to buy a moth and go fishing, something which is so historically beloved by the Russian people, including Church hierarchy.

OK. Go fishing. As long as the AngloZios will let you keep your river or lake…

* * * * *

Vigrid can see no solution to this Christian Mess. Other than abandoning Christianity for good and return to our native Nordic religion – a religion connected with the soul of the land and people, and not with the alien AngloZionist apparatus of corruption and death.

Some Russians have already started: CHRISTIANITY VS PAGANISM IN RUSSIAN

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