The Lonely Path of Integrity
Stone Studio
A First Taste

A first as well as a last taste of the book are registered on this page so that the reader may form a full picture out of the decoded messages of an Archbishop's story, who chose "total withdrawal and isolation" instead of compromising with an adamant establishment.

Click on the titles that follow to come closer to the institutions, personalities and interests intertwined during the three years of Spyridon's tenure. Their single stories compose an adventure that wounded deeply not only the Church of America but the Greek American community in its entirety.

The remaining pages are awaiting you, indelibly printed in The Lonely Path of Integrity which you can purchase at the bookstores indicated at the end of this website.

So, let us proceed together towards a first taste (On The Book's Trail) and a last one (Alone and Uncompromising), towards a prologue and an epilogue!