ΔΙΑΣΠΟΡΑ-DIASPORA Newsletter - October 11, 1996

Archbishop Spyridon:
Language, Culture, National Issues Marked as Priorities

Archbishop of America Spyridon in an interview to Hellenic media in the US outlined the basic axes of the policy he will follow. He said that his efforts will focus on the education of the younger generation, on the problem of mixed marriages, the teaching of the Greek language and the preservation of the Greek cultural heritage. The Archbishop said that the first place in this hierarchy is occupied by the effort to pass on to younger generations the Christian Orthodox faith, as it is the only way out from the dead ends found in modern society which is characterized by individualism and consumerism.

He also said that Greeks in the US and therefore the Archbishopric are preoccupied with the problems faced by the Cypriots, the Greeks of Constantinople and the members of the Greek minority in Albania. The Archbishop of America announced that there will be changes in the administrative and the economic structure of the Archbishopric maintaining that this is the beginning of a new era. [SS from MPA]

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