ΔΙΑΣΠΟΡΑ-DIASPORA Newsletter - November 22, 1996

Archbishop Spyridon Stresses Unity

Orthodox Archbishop of America Spyridon stressed the need for unity among all Greeks for the effective handling of all national problems, following a meeting with Macedonia-Thrace Minister Philippos Petsalnikos who visited New York from Canada.

Regarding national issues, the Archbishop stressed that "all efforts are being made for their promotion," adding that in the United States, there is a need for coordinating efforts and systematic cultivation of the campaign in favor of these issues among the representatives of the American government. Regarding the course of the dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Spyridon said that the result would be proportionate to the preparatory work done. He said that the ground for contacts of the Greek-American community with the White House should be cultivated even more, and that there had already been contacts by the Archdiocese with representatives of the Clinton administration.

The Archbishop expressed satisfaction over his meeting with Mr Petsalnikos, during which they discussed issues concerning the Greek-American community, particularly that of the Greek language and education in US. Mr Petsalnikos invited the Archbishop to Thessaloniki on the occasion of an exhibition of a collection of holy objects from Mount Athos within the framework of events for the city's assumption of the title of Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. [PS; MPA]

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