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Date: 11/22/97
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I think is something which was missing from the Omogeneia and the monopoly of the Greek-American Press. Now Omogeneia has a second option in order to be informed. We have the obligation all of us who love the truth, to help the Editor of Alitheia and Alitheia itself. We have to do our best if we want to see our Church in America to be the best among the others. We have to collaborate with the Spiritual Leader Archbishop Spyridon and all the members of His Synod and not to entrust to the rumors which are spread by troublemakers such the "snakes" of the other Party under the name Voithia -for the Good of the Church. We must close our ears to the voices coming from the enemies of the Church. May God bless us for the Good of the Church. Beware of the Provatoschemous Lykous!
Boston, 22-11-1997
Fr. Antonios Papathanasiou - one from the three Archimandrites Condemned by Disciplinary Committee last February.

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