B R A V O U !

Dear Evan,

I had the opportunity to read your letters over the internet this weekend, as well as receiving them by fax at my office. I work for the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Sacramento, CA. It is so refreshing to read honesty.

As a former student myself and as the wife of a former student (no, my husband is not a priest), (we left in 94), I cannot believe the comments and complaints that the four disgruntled priests have. I believe we share the same feeling that those priests should have been let go with Dr. Chirbin long ago. I believe they are trying to hide behind this so called "harassment" in order to obtain financial gain. I feel that Fr. Calivas and Fr. Ted were the type of Priests and teachers that were bully's.

It is amazing that the same thing Fr. Calivas did to students for years, (blackball and bully) he is now accusing the Archbishop of doing to him. I personally do not agree with everything the new Archbishop is doing, but cleaning house at that school is long, long, long overdue as ANY former student can attest to.

It seems as though the livelihood of the students has never mattered and maybe, just maybe, with new administration, heat in the dorms during the winter and food that is edible will be more important than building a big library. I will never forget the fact that at times it was colder in my dorm than it was outside.

The year I was there, 93-94 I remember that we called a meeting with the admin. Only the girls would stand up and talk, because the guys knew that if they opened their mouths it could effect their standing with certain priests and professors.

Well, I could go on for hours. I just want to express the appreciation I personally have for the courage you showed. God bless you and be with you!

Vicki (Diavatis) Booros

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