Alitheia-Αλήθεια - July 15, 1997

A Letter To The "Orthodox Observer"

To the editor of the Orthodox Observer :

I have sent you a copy of my letter to the Εθνικός Κήρυξ (dated July 9, 1997). As of today, the said newspaper has not published it. I have spoken to one of the said newspaper's editors. I have also spoken to the reporter whose stories my letter is addressing. They will not commit themselves to the publication of my letter.

As a former journalist myself, it is reasonably clear to me that the reporter in question has some sort of vendetta against His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon. He is the πρωτοψάλτης at the parish of Father Emmanuel Clapsis (Marlborough, Massachusetts), one of the professors at Holy Cross that His Eminence has recently reassigned, and from whom the reporter probably gets most of his information concerning the school.

If this is the case, as the slant in his stories very strongly suggests, then the reporter is definitely asserting biased information because he has been presenting only one point of view, so far, and has chosen not to present a different point of view. This is very yellow journalism, κατακίτρινο, as we say in Greek.

In any case, my letter expresses a theological student's perspective. I bring it to your attention because of all the newspapers oriented toward a Greek American readership, the Observer has the largest audience, so I hope you are willing to help set the record straight. The newspaper mentioned above has done enough to impugn the Archbishop and therefore the Church. The damage needs to be repaired. Thank you very much.

Evan C. Lambrou

P.S. After July 19, you can contact me at 011-301-601-2081. I will be in Greece until August 26.

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