ALITHEIA-ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ - December 1997


My Fellow Orthodox Christians;

The latest of the erroneous letters designed to destroy our Church by self-seeking, misguided and flagrant people has turned-up and been deceptively credited to the group, which calls itself Orthodox People Together. The president of the organization, Ms. Rhea Ballis, denies any affiliation or sponsorship of the letter or the concepts contained therein. Moreover, the name of the author is unknown to the group and appears to be a pseudonym.

The letter is just another in a series of cowardly and fallacious assaults and attacks on our CHURCH. This letter, as the others, is replete with misinformation. It really seeks to scandalize us and incite a state of panic in those of us who are only concerned in faithfully believing in our Lord Jesus Christ and His Church.How tragic! How sinful! How unfounded! Do they think that we are all rumor-mongers, led by sinfu1 instinct to jump to any conclusions without even thinking for ourselves? Are they Turkish agents themselves? Have they ever lived in persecution? Do they know what its like to count on help from a brother or a sister who is well off and able to help out of their abundance, and instead receive lip-service? It accuses the Patriarch, the Archbishop, and many others, who have given their entire lives for the service of our Lord, Our Church and us, the faithful, of being selfish homosexuals and alien autocrats. People of good will need to know there is no movement to subvert the Church in America to some foreign authority. I heard the Archbishop myself speak and he assured those present that, "the Archdiocese is and forever will be a united Archdiocese. The primary care of our faithful is the first care of our Archdiocese."

He said that the Church must keep the 2000 year old Traditions, which have worked without fail, throughout the centuries and that the Archdiocese is dedicated to this goal in America. Is this the voice of other than Christ-centered leadership? We need to stand-up for ourselves. How long can we tolerate these rabbit punches to our Church? It is so easy to throw punches from behind the scenes and below the belt. But why don't these pusillanimous people sign their real names and show their faces? What are they afraid of --- the lack of substantiation and proof? Why don't they call the Archdiocese for answers, instead of presenting one side? ( forgive me, their worst!)

In addition, our Church is what has kept our faith together for the past 2000 years. Why do these people think that this will all be given away? That is insane! These leaders of our Church have given their lives to Jesus and the Church. If these " false named" individuals were real Orthodox Christians, they would make their argument with facts and substantiate these claims. Only devilish minds create devilish accusations. A real pious Christian prays for the truth and finds comfort in the reality of our Scriptures and in the Fathers of our Church. The worst thing is that other true Christians are now questioning our faithful leaders. As young adults, we have been following our spiritual fathers for many years. I wonder if these individuals have ever had a spiritual father or for that matter ever gone to confession. But that's not for me to judge.

They seem to forget what has brought us to this country. The undying belief of what our Grandparents had when they arrived here; Truth, Faith and Love. That is what our Church is all about. Not slander and self-motivated lies. How can they call themselves Orthodox Christians???

Let us all come out and discuss these issues as "REAL" Christians. By the way, when you donate to your church it's not for self-indulgence. Whether it is one dollar or one thousand dollars, you give with your heart and you let the Church do, as it been guided by God all these years. That's what I was taught by my yia yia. Your gift is to GOD not to get applause and praise or the glory of people. Only God's glory is worth sacrificing everything for and lasts forever and the truth is found with Him and those who seek Him with all their mind and all their heart and all their soul. AMEN.

In Christ I Pray,
Dr. Dean Vafiadis

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