A Letter from Archbishop Spyridon
to Protopresbyter George D. Dragas upon the completion
of his ministry as Dean of Holy Cross School of Theology

( July 1, 1997 )

July 1, 1997

The Reverend Dr. Protopresbyter George D. Dragas
Holy Cross School of Theology
50 Goddard Avenue
Brookline, MA 02146

Beloved Protopresbyter George,

It is my prayer and hope that you are well and being blessed by the abundant grace of the Lord.

Upon being enthroned as Archbishop of America, it has been a joy for me to visit all the Institutions of our blessed Archdiocese. For many years I constantly heard of the beauty and sacred importance of our Seminary. Throughout these past nine months, the Lord has allowed me to visit the campus of Hellenic College/Holy Cross four times. I immediately realized that that which I had heard in the past, was true, and that already our School and its significance reside deep in my heart and soul.

As Archbishop, I bear the responsibility of making many decisions which are necessary in order to guide our Church in America into the next millennium. It is with a spirit of paternal love, therefore, that I thank you for your dedicated service to the Holy Cross School of Theology as Dean, and your desire to offer to the School and the Church your very best. I am most appreciative for the past three years in which you have led the Holy Cross School of Theology as Dean.

It is my desire that you continue to inspire and instruct our precious students as Professor of Church History and other disciplines and offer all your time and creativity to this most important position. I also extend to you my heartfelt thanks for, offering to me your resignation, and in so doing, affording me the freedom to resolve the current situation at the Seminary.

In closing, I again thank you for your service as Dean and pray that our Merciful Lord grace you with peace, understanding and inspiration as you continue your devout ministry.

With paternal love in Christ,

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Archbishop of America