For Immediate Release 

July 19, 1997        

HC/HC Meeting at the Archdiocese

NEW YORK.- Bishops, trustees of Hellenic College-Holy Cross, current school officials, two former presidents, and Archdiocese Legal Committee members met with Archbishop Spyridon on July 19 for a lengthy meeting on the current issues facing the school.

The chronic administrative problems which have been in existence at Hellenic College/Holy Cross over the past several years were presented in a thorough and clear way. Past Presidents of the School, Bishops Iakovos of Chicago, and Bishop Methodios of Boston offered their reflections on past administrative problems which had been encountered during their administration.

A detailed description of the situation at the School, together with future plans and opportunities, were offered by the current President, Bishop Isaiah and Deacon John Chrysavgis, Acting Dean of HC/HC.

A particular emphasis was put on the ecclesiastical character and nature of the clergy re-assignments, and the sacred mission of the School to provide the Greek Orthodox Church in America with excellently prepared priests for the future. It was stressed that all actions are reflecting the Canonical Order of the Church.

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