GOARCH - September 17, 1997

Archbishop Spyridon meets with John Cardinal O’Connor of New York

NEW YORK - Archbishop Spyridon met with John Cardinal O'Connor of New York today at the Cardinal's residence where the two church leaders discussed several issues of common interest.

The two hierarchs stressed the need to reactivate and rejuvenate the Roman Catholic-Orthodox Dialogues in the United States at two levels - among hierarchs and theologians - so as to bring about a constructive contribution to the broader international dialogue as well.

Among other issues, they also discussed about the depth of cooperation achieved between Roman Catholics and Orthodox at the holy sites in Jerusalem, and the status of the current religious situation in Russia.

Cardinal O'Connor expressed support for Archbishop Spyridon's new ministry in the United States and both hierarchs noted that they hoped to strengthen their personal relationship and that of their Churches to create a positive effect among their respective communities.

  September 17, 1997 ]