GOARCH - December 29, 1997

Re-allotment of Personnel at the Archdiocese

NEW YORK - His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon has announced a re-allotment of personnel at the Archdiocese, including some organizational changes.

The Rev. Protopresbyter Alexander Karloutsos, in addition to his duties as Vicar for Public Affairs (which focuses on governmental relations, federal, state and local), has been appointed the Director of the Worldwide Ecumenical Patriarchate Endowment Fund.

The Rev. Presbyter Mark Arey, hitherto the Executive Director ad interim of Leadership 100, will take on full-time responsibilities as Director of Communications, coordinating and facilitating Public Relations, Orthodox Observer, GOTelecom, Internet Ministries and General Publications. Leadership 100, the major gifts program and permanently restricted Endowment Fund of the Archdiocese, is in the process of becoming a separately incorporated organization supporting the National Ministries of the Archdiocese. The Rev. Arey will continue in an oversight capacity of Leadership 100 until a new Executive Director is selected.

The Very Rev. Archimandrite Gabriel Karambis, in addition to his duties as the Director of Stewardship Ministries, will assume the new position of Coordinator of the National Ministries. He will facilitate the National Ministries, including among others Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Religious Education, Greek Education and Culture, Missions, Outreach Mission (including Inter-Faith and Inter-Christian Marriage), Ionian Village, St. Michael's Home for the Aged and St. Basil's Academy.

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