Voithia - August 11, 1997

[ Yannaras makes references to the recent turmoil
in the Greek Orthodox Church in America ]

In an article in the Greek daily Kathimerini reprinted by Ethnikos Keryx on Monday, August 11, 1997, the well-known Greek theologian and philosopher professor Christos Yannaras makes references to the recent turmoil in the Greek Orthodox Church in America. In the context of a long article he criticizes Greek journalists for indifference to or ignorance of substantive issues that affect the life of the Church and writes the following:

". . . If one judges from the news and articles in the Greek American press, the Greek community in the United States has been in an uproar in the past few months over specific actions by the new Archbishop. He has thrown the Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Boston in disarray through his interventions, he has fired arbitrarily two of the few remaining professors (one of whom is a tenured professor with thirty years of service, and the other with fifteen), he "suspends" respected clergy among the Greek American community, he has postponed every substantive activity in the Archdiocese, and his statements provoke ridicule or anger among the community. I cannot judge if the picture painted by the Greek American press is correct, but newspapers in Greece have not provided any information on these matters. Do the journalists who specialize in ecclesiastical matters think that the confirmation or refutation of such news which pertain to the very survival of the Greek Orthodox presence in America leave the Greek public indifferent?"

[ Voithia - - August 11, 1997 ]
[ Voithia - - August 11, 1997 ]