η Πρωϊνή - September 11, 1997

The Entourage I

As we all --even the less educated among us-- know, it is the "entourage" that raises (and brings down) –-chiefly the latter-– political and other figures, church hierarchs included.

Following, now from a distance, the events in the Greek Orthodox Church of America I can "witness" that many of the issues our Archbishop is faced with derive from what we call his "retinue". Clergymen and laymen close to the Archbishop, have not lived up to his expectations, and I think he must do something about this before it's too late.

Unfortunately, some took advantage of the period when the Archbishop was being briefed on his new job, to label all those they didn't like as "enemies". The results of such behavior are well known…

The Entourage II

I happened to be in Athens at the same time as the former Archbishop of America, Iakovos. I was happy to see him again, but can not conceal my concern over the state of his health. Obviously, he’s not the same man we knew…

Besides the Archbishop, I ran into some old "friends". He who impressed me –-I really mean it-- was Panayiotis Gazouleas, known to all as "Taki". Belonging to the former Archbishop's inner circle, past and current, Gazouleas is now playing, in the name of Iakovos, his own and other people's games. And, one must admit, he is playing them impeccably.

As much as some people may not like him, it is this type of person that the [current] Archbishop needs. Mr. Gazouleas has a unique ability to brief Athenian reporters in the most convincing manner. He has demonstrated how he can still exercize control even over individuals we consider to be "great journalists."

The newspaper articles published in the Athens media criticizing the [current] Archbishop, were inspired by Taki. This, of course, does not mean that the Archbishop's entourage is not to be blamed for doing absolutely NOTHING to protect and defend their boss ....


[ Translated from Greek ]

[ η Πρωϊνή – September 11, 1997 - pp. 1 and 6 ]