Voithia - July 19 1997

[ Comment on GOA Press Release dated July 19, 1997 ]

«    Today the Archbishop called a meeting of the Hellenic College Trustees but did not include the fired faculty (see they July 8 entry). It was called with such timing that it can only be described as "in response" to a meeting to be held tomorrow by the board of trustee's of the school and the fired faculty. At the meeting Rev. Dn. Dr.John Chryssavgis, acting dean of the School of Theology, announced that he had hired a librarian to replace Fr. Papademetriou, was in discussions with a New Testament scholar in Greece to replace Fr. Stylianopoulos, and was making arrangements to replace Fr. Clapsis in dogmatic theology. No formal meeting of the faculty has been held to consult with them regarding the replacement appointments. All this despite the fact that the Board of Trustees has neither said that anyone is being dismissed nor issued new contracts. These actions without due process are seen as generally further increasing the legal exposure of the school. even harder to support.]    »

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