Voithia - September 20, 1997

[ An Introductory Note to George Matsoukas' interview:
"OCL Tilting to Autonomous Orthodox Church in America" ]

«    [George Matsoukas, president of OCL, is a member of St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church, West Palm Beach, where he served six years on the parish council and taught Sunday school. He has been an educator for 25 years and a consultant on fund raising and grant writing. Pictured with this article is a photograph with Peter Marudas, Anastasia Tsoutsoura, George Coupounas, George Matsoukas, His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon, Nicholas Karakas (past OCL President), Dr. Nikolas Gvosdev, Fr. Steven Vlahos, Dr. William Tenet, during a meeting of members of the OCL board with Archbishop Spyridon at the archdiocese in New York.]     »

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