Voithia - September 17, 1997

[ Comment on GOA Press Release
"Three Orthodox Hierarchs Discuss Church Issues" ]

Date: Wed, 17 Sep 1997 07:02:53 -0400 From: Laura Jones
Subject: Reception of Pat. Bartholomew

On the question of how Pat. Bartholomew should be received: I would suggest that Voithia post the Archdiocesan Press Release I have pasted below - as evidence that our efforts so far are showing results. So I think we should keep the pressure up to insist that they roll back more of the damage that has been done since the fateful Ligonier SCOBA meeting at the end of 1994 that sent the Patriarch into a tailspin .....starting with regularizing the situation at HC/HC. Especially since the three hierarchs discussed theological education. Of course Bartholomew does not want to be embarrassed when he comes here - and we should take advantage of this to hold the hierarchs responsible to the voice of the laity.

Laura Jones, Sec. of Orthodox Christian Laity

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