Voithia - [ July 2, 1997 ]

[ Rev. Thomas Paris In Favor Of Postponing Patriarch's Trip To America ]

Rev. Thomas Paris of the Ascension Cathedral in Oakland writes to the President of the Archdiocese Presbyter's council and the President of the Holy Cross / Hellenic College Alumni Association that the presbyters in discussion meet with the Archbishop regarding the rescinding of recent actions, and proposes an investigation involving a national commission to put to rest that and other scandalous charges. Fr. Paris suggests that the commission be composed of two laymen not associated with the Archdiocese closely and three retired prosecuting attorneys of both sexes with experience in the matters alleged--- and that the proposed trip of the Patriarch to America be postponed until confidence can be restored through the completion of a respected investigation.

Rev. Thomas Paris of the Ascension Cathedral in Oakland writes to the Holy Cross Alumni Association President noting that in just a few years a second President of Holy Cross / Hellenic College no longer holds office. He suggests policies to ensure better continuity and consistency of the senior leadership of the school. He notes that the firing of tenured professor Fr. Stylianopoulos is an illegal act which even more significantly destroys years of work to bring unity between clergy and laity, invalidating and emasculating the role of volunteer boards, and suggests rescinding these decisions for the good of the Church.

Fr. Stylianopoulos opines that some within Hellenic college deem it more prudent to conceal misconduct, even though it be widely known by the student populace. He declares without reservation his confidence in the integrity and fairness of the work of the disciplinary committee based not only on the rules of the school but also to the values of the Church in scripture and Tradition.

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