Voithia - July 23 1997

[ A letter to Voithia from an Archdiocesan councilman and HC Trustee ]

Dear Dr. Stevens:

Firstly, I commend you and others for publicly taking the lead through the Internet to inform readers of details concerning the serious crises taking place at HC/HCST, and what may be possible to do to try to correct it.

I am unwilling at this time to reveal my name, but as a very active member of the Trustees of the School and the Archdiocesan Council, both for 12 years until recently, I have a suggestion to make. I should add at the outset I am not optimistic that writing to the Archbishop and the Diocesan Bishops, trying to organize parish priests and councils to speak out, and to take the decision to withhold or put in escrow their Archdiocesan donations --are likely to have much impact or success. Bishops are obliged to keep their true views to themselves and to toe the line, most priests are not about to put their life's work in jeopardy, and parish councils would have great difficulty to be adequately informed leading to coming to a meaningful consensus for action.

The proper body to review this whole matter is the Archdiocesan Council. The (mostly) laity portion of the Council, is the other half of the Council from the Synod, which together is the supreme administrative authority as defined in the American Archdiocesan Charter. Many of the Trustees of the School are also Council members. The Council should meet formally as soon as possible, although I suspect the Archbishop will not be much willing to call such a meeting.

From: (Name verified but withheld by request)

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