[Shorter version]

In this, the glorious season of Christmas, I greet the whole Church of Jesus Christ in the peace and love of the Lord.

In the icon of the Nativity, we see a profound image of the humility of the Son of God, but we also see His Glory, His Kingship and His Reign.

In the Reign of Christ, all things come together as one to glorify Him.

Heaven and earth join together in praise.
Men and angels meet to adore him.
The stars in their courses pause to honor Him.
The rich and the poor stand together in worship.
Magi kneel beside shepherds.
Jews and Gentiles together praise Him.
Saints and sinners venerate His Birth.
Even the cattle of the field pay Him homage,
offering Him their stable for a home, their manger for a bed.

In the Reign of the King of Kings, all things are one, all things are reconciled, all things join together in worship.

For everyone on earth there is peace; and for all people, God shines forth His good will through His Beloved and Only-Begotten Son.

To you and yours, I wish all the blessings of the Holy Nativity of the Lord. May you have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy, and Holy New Year.

[ December 25, 1998 ]