Ecumenical Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada and America

St. Michael Academy
Orthodox Bible College
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Correspondence

October 17, 1998

+Archbishop Spyridon
Archdiocese of America
C/O Archdeacon Elias Villis or
Rev. Michael T. Kontogiorgis

Dear Your Eminence;

I am an ordained Greek Orthodox Clergyman. My credentials were reviewed by both Bishop Iakovos of Catania, predecessor to Bishop Alexios of Troas, both of whom have passed up to the Archdiocesan level my documents. Metropolitan Philip, Vice Chairman of SCOBA has also reviewed same and suggested my service to the Greek jurisdictions. I am presently an administrator to St. Michael Academy, an autonomous college, recognized during Patriarchs Nicholas, and Parthenios III of Alexandria enthronements. The Ukrainian National Orthodox Church, blessings of Kiev and Autocephalous Church; Archbishop Palladios a founder of SCOBA, predecessor to the now hierarch Metropolitan Nicholas have reordained me, and I have retained my Greek Orthodox clergyman ecclesiastical canonical status. This being done to officially serve their Ukrainian jurisdictions as an Independent seminary, yet retain original Alexandrian ordination. I have repeatedly submitted correspondence and documents to The Archdiocese, indicating my good standing, approved and completed seminary schooling etc. I am now a member of both St. Catherine, and St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Churches. I have received Holy Sacraments, Holy Communion from your hands twice during Holy Theophany celebrations at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Tarpon Springs. I have humbly requested personally from you, at the Clergy Laity Congress, your intervention to allow my service when needed in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese jurisdictions.

November 8,1998 is the scheduled Holy Consecration date at my Church, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Ft. Pierce. Fr. Constatine Chokanis has invited me to serve as a Priest during the Holy Orthos/Consecration/Divine Liturgy.

I seek your blessing and permission to do so before that time. If no response is received before then I will receive Holy Communion as a congregant.

With Respectful Love A Brother in The Lord,
[ signed ]
Haralambos Bouchlas Phd. DD.

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