Corina Sionites
30-43 37th Street
Astoria, NY 11103

May 11, 1998

His Eminence
Archbishop Spyridon
10 Easy 79th Street
New York, NY 10021

Your Eminence,

After much thought I have decided to write to you concerning an issue that is troubling me. I am referring to a recent article printed in the “National Herald” and Mrs. Liapakis.

How can a person who is not married in the Church (in fact she is married to a Jewish man) serve on the Archdiocesian Council? Are the rules or by-laws of the Archdiocesian Council the same for all members of the Church? If they are, why is this exception being made for Mrs. Liapakis?

I find it very disturbing that you have in your midst a person who is in constant contact with Dr. John Collis from Cleveland. As many of us know Dr. Collis is an important member of GOAL.

How can Mrs. Liapakis be on the Archdiocesian Council and also be the main contributor towards all the advertisements of GOAL in the National Herald?

Your Eminence, I feel it is our obligation to take the appropriate action, which is to dismiss Mrs Liapakis from the Council.


[ EKKLISIA |  -  May 11, 1998 ]