Goal Attacked As Ennemy Of Hellenism And Orthodoxy

To: Editor
From: Peter Vlitas

Date: 03/02/98 07:27:21 PM

Subject: Treason and Destruction

As a Greek Orthodox who cares about my church and Greek Heritage I wish to express my outrage at your organization.

Many people when challenged by change they become defensive and hostile to the point of being unreasonable. Although I do not agree or understand some of the changes that are going on I did not go out and raise the troops for a lynching. I did what the Fathers of our Church had in mind. I got involved in my Community. I wrote my ideas and sent them to the Chancellor and am planning to attend the Archdiocesan District Clergy Laity Assembly in New York. I plan to deliver my constructed thoughts but most importantly my support and ideas for helping our church in a positive fashion. I am also willing to give his Eminence a chance to lead.

On the other hand GOAL with its few rich supporters are misleading the many. Who gave you the right to speak for us? Who gave you the right to destroy what has been build by so many, including you when you had your way and positions of title within the Archdiocese? GOAL is responsible for starting a civil war within our church. You are responsible for helping our enemies undermine our causes here in the United States. Who are you to cast dispersion against the Archdiocese and the Patriarchate? Are you allies with the Turks? Are you the descendants of those who have betrayed Greece and the church throughout time? Or ARE YOU NOTHING MORE THAN BRUISED EGOS WITH MONEY? If you have legitimate claims get elected to your Parish councils. Go to the district Clergy Laity and then the National Clergy Laity and either effect positive change or obtain the Majority to stop change.

Us, the silent elected Majority, who are part of the only true democratic body of the church warn you to stop this dangerous crusade. It will lead no where. We the majority, for good or bad will never stop supporting the Archdiocese and Patriarchate because it has served us well! And maybe because we have more Faith that you.

Peter Vlitas
President of SS Constantine and Helen Cathedral of Brooklyn New York

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