GOARCH - September 4, 1998

Statement of His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon
on the Tragedy of Swissair Flight 111

NEW YORK - His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon today issued the following statement on the tragedy of Swissair Flight 111.

"In the hours and days since the tragic and sorrowful news of this disaster, we have learned that the sadness of this loss reaches even farther into our community than we had previously realized. Such a sudden and shocking loss of life and loss of family is difficult enough, and we pray for all the victims of Flight 111, their families and loved ones. But now we have learned that so many more of our Greek-American families have been devastated by this tragedy. Old and young alike, newlyweds and grandparents. The loss to each family in incalculable. As we reflect on the magnitude of such a loss for all involved, I pray that each and every person who has been affected to even the smallest degree by this tragedy, will offer prayer and spiritual consolation to the families that must, with the greatest difficulty, go on with life. And may we all take deep notice of the fragility of human existence, and learn to appreciate more and more the great gift of life that God has granted each of us. May the memory of all these souls be eternal."

  September 4, 1998 ]