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June 22, 1998
RE: 1998 Clergy/Laity Congress Issues,
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Malevolent Hierarchical Decisions in Dispute

Dear Brother in Christ,

The enclosed documents are enclosed to propagate your very important agenda to edify our Holy Apostolic Orthodox Church. My meetings with George Matsoukas resulted in his recommendation to send this information to you and Voithia for Internet publication. God bless your efforts at the Clergy/Laity Congress in July.

My hierarchical credentials are enclosed; also please see further important information on our web site at:

In Christ's Service
[ signed ]
Bishop Haralambos D.D. Ph.D. Theo.
Ukrainian National Orthodox Autocephalous
Church in Exile, Blessings of Kiev.

  • ISSUE #1
    No response from Archbishop Spyridon on S.C.O.B.A. letter sent on 3/15/98

  • ISSUE #2
    Who edifies the Clergy? Infallible?

  • ISSUE #3
    Saint Nilos Prophecy, Hierarchical Heresy

  • ISSUE #4
    "Elijah Ministry" Prophetic Millennium Message for the Ecclesia.

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