A Letter to Archbishop Spyridon
from Metropolitan Maximos
regarding a Resolution passed
by The Orthodox Theological Society of America

( July 1, 1998 )

Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 13:50:45 -0400
From: Metropolitan Maximos <>
To: Archbishop Spyridon <>
Subject: OTSA resolution

Your Eminence,

I am informed that a "squiller" misinformed you regarding the recent OTSA (Orthodox Theological Society of America) meeting. Allegedly, Your Eminence was told that a resolution was passed, which asks for the restoration of four Holy Cross professors.

The truth is different: a resolution was passed thanking the four professors for their valuable contributions to the work of OTSA. Nothing more. The rest comes from the evil one. I will get hold of the resolution and submit it to you for your information. What the resolution does not say, is that an OTSA member said that the resolution was fine, but it did not address the "illegal dismissal" of these professors. I rose to speak against such a statement in the resolution, telling OTSA that "we cannot get involved with the internal affairs of any one of our jurisdictions."

Looking forward to being with you at the dinner this Friday evening in Orlando, I remain,

Faithfully yours,
Met. Maximos

P.S.  An "informer" also told me that, according to his information "from a reliable source," your Eminence still believes that some of your bishops side with the GOAL/OCL people. I cannot speak for the others. But, I hope that your Eminence knows where I stand. These people still hate me for the allegedly "threatening" letter I send them last December; and they were not thrilled to be called "para-ecclesiastical." It seems to me that some of your bishops are disliked by your Eminence, and hated by your enemies. Why? No matter what is going on, I am always defending your Eminence, in the best I know how. I hope that Your Eminence can see that, and not pay attention to "informers," who have their own agendas.

I also take this opportunity to thank you for accepting my resignation for the Seminary's Board of Corporate Members. I have also found out that you have second thoughts about my offer (at the acting dean's request) to teach a class at the Seminary. My health does not allow such a thing, anyway. To begin with, it was not very realistic for me to think that I could turn the clock back to so many years. My feelings are not hurt. To the contrary, I am thankful to you for caring enough about my well being, thus not allowing an unfair thing to happen. Thank you very much.

[ July 1, 1998 ]