The National Herald - January 24, 1998

Archbishop Reshuffles New York Cathedral Board

NEW YORK (The National Herald) -. Archbishop Spyridon of America this week proceeded to appoint a new President and Parish Council at the Holy Trinity Archdiocesan Cathedral in New York, confirming reports of the upcoming changes published in The National Herald three weeks ago.

Spyridon replaced President Emanuel Demos with businessman Elias Kouloukountis. He also did not renew the appointments of Demetrios Kostaras, Peter Kourides, George Tsandikos, Maria Lyras, Froso Beys, Helen Bender.

Among the new appointees are judge Milonas and Dr. Kleopoulos. The National Herald has learned that the name of Fani Petalides - Holiday was included in the initial list, but at the last minute the Archbishop decided against her appointment.

The President and the members of the board of the Archdiocesan Cathedral are not elected by the members as is the case in every other Parish and Cathedral of the Archdiocese. Instead they are appointed directly by the Archbishop, a longstanding policy that Spyridon chose to continue.

Some of the members whose tenure was not renewed had questioned Rev. Gabriel Karambis, who serves at the Archdiocese, about the expenditure of $350,000 from the permanent fund of the Cathedral to renovate apartments at the adjacent Cathedral Towers in which the clerical employees of the Archdiocese, including Karambis himself, live. Fr. Karambis said that in spending the money he was executing a directive by Spyridon and that the Archbishop does not need permission for it.

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