The Dallas Morning News - June 12, 1999

Key diocese wants archbishop ousted

BOSTON -- The oldest and largest Greek Orthodox diocese in the United States has voted for the ouster of the church's archbishop, intensifying a feud over his leadership. Clergy and laity from 63 parishes in New England voted 58-51 last week to adopt a report calling for the removal of Archbishop Spyridon. Critics say he has stifled dissent and has an immigrant mentality that keeps him from relating to faithful who feel more American than Greek. "He's chased anyone with money and credentials out of the church," said Dean Popps, spokesman for Greek Orthodox American Leaders Inc., which was founded two years ago for the sole purpose of removing Archbishop Spyridon. The Rev. Mark Arey, a spokesman for Archbishop Spyridon, said the dispute was a matter of arcane church politics fueled by wealthy dissidents who simply don't like the archbishop.

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