News Release
June 2, 1999

Statement by His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon
At the Conclusion of the Second Meeting of HALO

This second meeting of HALO — Hellenic American Leaders and Organizations — has been most productive for the common concerns that we all share. We have affirmed our unity and solidarity as a community. We have explored new ways and means of sharing information and perspectives on the issues that matter most to us. And we have decided as a body to further establish our bonds through a reasonable and inclusive structure.

The Greek-American community is ready to face the challenges that confront our contemporary world — challenges that present unique opportunities as well as dangers. Living in a free society, we are committed to employing every resource at our disposal to finding solutions for the problems that confront that part of the world that we call our spiritual and cultural home. As Americans, we are proud that we live in a nation that grants us the right to express ourselves for the cause of human rights and religious liberty in the lands where our spiritual and cultural compatriots live. We assert that it is not only our right, but also our moral and ethical responsibility to engage in public discourse and action for the sake of the rights and principles of our brothers and sisters whose causes have been only superficially addressed by the world.

As Archbishop of America, it is my sincere desire to see all the members of our community work in unison. Affirming the diversity of voices in our community, we seek to blend these voices into a message of unity and solidarity for the causes of Orthodox Christianity, the good estate of our Ecumenical Patriarchate, the integrity of Greece and Cyprus, and the pursuit of peace, justice, security, and reconciliation.

[ Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America - Press Office - News Release - June 2, 1999 ]