GOARCH - February 11, 1999

Archbishop Spyridon continues his visit in Athens

Athens - Yesterday morning, His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon made a special visit to "To Hamogelo Tou Paidiou" - "The Smile of a Child" in the Nikaia neighborhood of Athens. "To Hamogelo Tou Paidiou" is an independent philanthropic organization that addresses the growing needs of the homeless and often orphaned children of the streets of Athens.

Immediately afterwards, Archbishop Spyridon was received at the Foreign Ministry by His Excellency Theodoros Pangalos, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic.

In both cases, as with the Minister of Defense yesterday, the visit of His Eminence is both a reciprocal visit and an official reception by the Greek Government. The meeting with Foreign Minister Pangalos was followed by a joint Press Statement, expressing their mutual desire to work in cooperative and constructive ways for the mutual benefit of the Greek People and the Greek-American Community.

Foreign Minister Pangalos hosted a luncheon for the Archbishop and his synodia at a new facility of the Foreign Ministry. The American Ambassador to Greece, Nicholas Burns, was present at the luncheon, along with a number of officials from the various Ministries of the Greek Government.

In the evening, His Eminence delivered a major address at the University of Athens, "The Presence, Activity, and Role of the Greek Orthodox Church in America."

Upcoming Events

Tomorrow morning, the Archbishop will visit an institution that provides shelter to abandoned and orphaned children, "The Smile of a Child."

   February 11, 1999 ]