GOARCH - August 9, 1999

Archbishop Spyridon Moves to Implement Second Phase
of the Commission on Greek Language and Hellenic Culture

New York, NY - His Eminence Archbishop Spyridon, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church of America, has commenced the second phase, The Implementation Committee, of the Commission on Greek Language and Hellenic Culture. The Archbishop urged leading members of the Commission to bring the recommendations of the Commission's report: The Future of the Greek Language and Culture in the United States: Survival in the Diaspora," to fruition with a systematic plan of implementation.

Archbishop Spyridon appointed the following leaders of the Commission to the Implementation Committee: Professor John A Rassias, Dartmouth University, and President of the Rassias Committee; Professor William R. Kenan, Dartmouth University; James Alatis, Dean of School of Languages and Linguistics Emeritus and Distinguished Professor of Lingusistics and Modern Greek, Georgetown University; Professor Emeritus Peter Bien; Professor Emeritus Frederick Sessions Beebe; John Catsimatidis, Vice-Chairman Archdiocesan Council Executive Committee; Phyllis Franklin, Executive Director Modern Language Association of America; Professor John Oller, University of Southwestern Louisiana; Mr. Vasos Papagapitos; Peter Pappas, Secretary Archdiocesan Council Executive Committee; Constance Tegopoulos, Assistant Professor Queens College; Paul Vallas, Chicago Public Schools; Elizabeth Welles, Modern Language Association of America.

In a letter to the newly appointed members of the Implementation Committee, Archbishop Spyridon wrote:

"The effort for reform can not be delayed, and therefore, I invite you to be part of the next step of this monumental project by offering your expertise, talents, and time. The charge of this Committee will be able to take action and implement the recommendations and mandates of the Commission, so that the survival of Hellenism in the American diaspora is secured and ensured for the present and future generations."

   August 9, 1999 ]