Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - July 9, 1999


Metropolitan Isaiah Has A Few Choice Words for Goal:
Specifically, He Says Goal's "Methodology"
Deliberately Demeans Persons Instead of Addressing Problems

In a recent letter to the Christian Activist, Metropolitan Isaiah had some choice words for GOAL, writing in pertinent part as follows:

In regard to the overactive concern of a group of our laity and a few of our clergy about the current state of affairs in the Archdiocese, this, too, shall pass. I believe that most of the laity of the two organizations, OCL and GOAL, sincerely want the very best for the Church in America. However, while condemning the methodology of administration by our current Archbishop which they describe as despotic and autocratic, they must examine their own methodology which deliberately demeans persons instead of addressing problems. In their honesty they will confess that the spirit of fellowship and love which they profess are only words on paper. If one side of the issue is viewed as being caustic, has not the other side done a great imitation?

The full text of Metropolitan Isaiah's letter is as follows:

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