Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - March 22, 1999

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Soterios And Melissa Dabilis Take Issue With The Stewards

Dear Editor,

We have been consistently collecting information about the very real crisis in our church since last July, not only on this website but through the many publications available to all who want to discern the truth for themselves, not wanting to be led by the nose by any single source. Our intelligence has been assaulted on many occasions on this journey but after reading "The Truth About The State of the Greek Orthodox Church in America" by the newly formed Greek Orthodox Stewards of America, Inc. published in the Hellenic Chronicle we have suffered the ultimate insult. Anyone willing to believe this preposterous outpouring of propaganda must have been living under a rock for the last year! Shame on the Chronicle for even printing it. First of all, who exactly are the Greek Orthodox Stewards? Stand and name yourselves if you offer only the truth. Secondly, it's no surprise that half of your statements deal with MONEY, clearly a matter of prime importance to you. Furthermore reassignment is not an acceptable synonym for what has actually happened to the many priests whose heads have rolled due to our Archbishops unacceptable behavior. Do they actually expect Orthodox Christians to believe that the professors that were fired by Archbishop Spiridon [sic] for protecting our sons at the Seminary consider the potential loss of a paycheck the single most important loss they have suffered? These are men who have dedicated their entire being to God - what of their calling, their reputation, their students? It truly is the ultimate insult to face us and say that a homosexual incident never took place at Holy Cross. Maybe the Greek Orthodox Stewards of America, Inc are able to put their heads in the sand like an ostrich but we are evolved of a higher order and will not have our minds made up for us.

Soterios & Melissa Dabilis

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