Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - May 25, 1999

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Mr. and Mrs. Elgohary of Texas Support Archbishop Spyridon

Christ is risen!

Dear Editor,

I must confess that I go not just once, but periodically, to the voithia web site, just as a dog returns to his vomit, to check out what sort of lies they are perpetuating. It is indeed very funny that they use a name like voithia, when that is the last thing which they speak.

I have met the Archbishop face to face, as well as Fr. Passias from a distance. The Archbishop, although he may not remember me, left a lasting impression on me. Both he and Fr. Passias are very pious people with a great deal of love and dedication to offer the Church. They should know that not everyone in this country is "infected" with the GOAL disease. Both my family and I support the Archbishop and his efforts for the Holy Church in America.

It has been said that the Metropolitans are struggling against the Archbishop and that we should support them. I know my Metropolitan very well - he is a good man, who cares very much for those in his flock; he takes very seriously his work and I admire him and appreciate his efforts as well. I don't see any reason why I can't love both my metropolitan as well as the Archbishop. What I hate - and I think this is a blessed hatred - is when people try to set up opposing factions with lies and misinformation. May God have mercy on those people.

Finally, I would like to commend the Archbishop for restoring some order to our Church and theol. school. I do, however, blame some of our clergy for the resistance to the Archbishop's changes; they take neither the time nor the interest in educating our people WHY things are done the way they are. I think people would be less intimidated by the anteri and kalymafki if someone would just take a minute and explain what it is and what is its significance. The same applies to orthodox, byzantine music vs. organ, and the list goes on and on.

May the Lord grant Archbishop Spyridon many years of service to our Church here in America and that the days and years ahead of him will be relatively more quiet than they have been in the past.

In the risen Lord,
Peter and Margo Elgohary

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