Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - March 30, 1999

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Spiro Manolas Wants to Insure the Security
and Survival of the Patriarchate in Constantinople

Mr. George Anagnostos
Managing Editor
The Hellenic Chronicle
5 Franklin Commons
Framingham, MA 01702

Dear Sir:

I would like to comment on three news pieces in the Hellenic Chronicle which appeared on 3 March 1999: 1) Fr. George A. Alexon's commentary concerning the current crisis that now engulfs the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in the United States; 2) your paper's editorial: "Moratorium" which, in reply, addresses "The divisive issues facing Greek Orthodox Christians in America;" and 3) the "Chronicle's" reprint of the New York Times article: "Greek Orthodox Leader in U.S. Faces Calls For His Removal" (21 Feb 1999). I also commend your paper's intention to reprint other similar media coverage of the current crisis in our Church.

To the point! From my read of the above mentioned discourses all concerned appear to have missed the key issue which is at stake. I would apply the same to the allegations, incriminations and recriminations emanating from the members of GOAL and the Greek Orthodox Stewards of America. In this regard, I would opine that the quintessential issue is "How do the Eastern Orthodox Churches in the U.S. insure their survival in a unique American milieu and, at the same time, still insure the security and survival of the Patriarchate in Constantinople – and not in Geneva, Moscow, New York or elsewhere."

Surely, we descendants of Athena, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Solon, etc., not to mention Delphi and the Gods of Mt. Olympus, or the Theologians, Hierarchs, and Geronda of our Church and Christianity should be able to solve this modern day "Gordion Knot" (remember Alexander) which confronts our Mother Church today. Otherwise, the path which we are embarking on now can only satisfy our enemies – today, tomorrow and forever.

Spiro C. Manolas, PhD
Alexandria, Virginia

cc: His Eminence, Archbishop Iakovos
His Eminence, Archbishop Spyridon
American Hellenic Institute
Greek Orthodox American Leaders
Greek Orthodox Stewards of America, Inc.

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