Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - April 22, 1999


An Open Letter to the St. Andrew Clergy Brotherhood of New England

Dear Members of the St. Andrew Clergy Brotherhood:

The Stewards are writing you this open letter via the internet in an effort to resolve the unjust actions taken by your organization at its January 14, 1999 meeting. As you know, at that meeting a small group of priests ousted the duly elected representatives to the Archdiocesan Presbyters' Council ("APC"). Since the ouster came to light in February, one of the priests - Fr. Economou - has said that he no longer wants the position. To my knowledge, the other - Fr. Giannakopoulos - has never, however, made such a statement. It is time to put church politics aside and to do the right thing by reinstating Fr. Giannakopoulos. It is ironic that many of you signed a letter in which you, in effect, accused Archbishop Spyridon of heavy handed tactics. Yet some members of the Brotherhood inflicted a heavy hand on a fellow priest when they voted to oust illegally Fr. Giannakopoulos. Such behavior does not befit members of the clergy.

It is a shame our Church suffers from a so-called crisis. Regretfully, I must say that the behavior of those who participated in the ouster does not help matters. I respectfully suggest that you analyze your own actions and behavior before criticizing others. Such an analysis will no doubt lead to soul searching and hopefully to a realization that you too are imperfect and guilty of many of the transgressions you wrongfully accuse Archbishop Spyridon of engaging in. The time has come to cast Church politics aside and to engage in a process of reconciliation and peace. You all should be leaders in this endeavor. Instead of attacking Archbishop Spyridon and the Ecumenical Patriarch from the pulpit (which at least two of you have done) and fueling the flames of division, you all should take the pulpit and talk of healing and the growth of the Church. When you do this, you truly will fulfill your calling as priests.

Very truly yours,
George C. Rockas

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