Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - August 1, 1999

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In Response to the Voithia Editorial
"How Long Must We Be Players in this Byzantine Farce"


Your staff is truly disgusting. All of them need serious spiritual help and guidance. This letter you wrote should, however, finally reveal your true colours to all Orthodox Christians in the Americas and the world. Your organization, and GOAL are disturbed.

Your arrogance at thinking that you and only you have the spiritual knowledge to make demands and appoint a priest to the position of Archbishop is very scary. It amazes me that after being around for a very short time you have gained that spiritual knowledge. What has taken Orthodox Christians thousands of years, you have mastered in only a few years. How remarkable and how very arrogant.

You expect to have an Archbishop that understands you. How different are your spiritual needs from Greek Orthodox who are born in Canada or England or anywhere else in the world. They are not. The Archbishop and all the priests have a duty to teach the word of God no matter if they are in the United States or in Turkey or in Canada or Greece. The word of God is always the same, nothing gets lost in the translation.

If you are born in the United States, great. This makes you a United States citizen, nothing more. This citizenship could be taken away from you at the governments whim. What is your birth right is being born Greek Orthodox. Your religion cannot be taken away from you.

We all require love and spiritual guidance. Your staff and the authors of this editorial, you will require much more spiritual guidance and time in confession.

Harris Stathopoulos

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  August 1, 1999 ]