Greek●American Review - February 1999


Eparchial Synod Calls for Spyridon's Resignation
Bartholomew: "Spyridon stays until the day he dies..."

Iakovos of

Anthony Dardanellion
/San Fran-

Maximos Ainou

Methodiow Aneon/Boston

Isaiah Proikonisou


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"The Archdiocese is suffocating in an atmosphere of fear,
suspicion, insecurity, lack of trust and vindictiveness"

The following is the complete text of a historic report of the Church's five Metropolitans to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, submitted at his invitation before their visit to the Patriarchate last month. Faulting the ongoing Church crisis with an Archbishop who behaves in a "paranoid" manner, has contempt for his bishops, priests and flock, "lacks pastoral love," and rules in an un-Orthodox autocratic manner, the Metropolitans call for Spyridon's resignation or reappointment. In a detailed addendum they argue the case that Archbishop Spyridon is ill-suited to his position, has alienated the clergy and faithful, and is incapable of changing his belligerent manner. In addition, they accuse him of disregarding Orthodox tradition and canonical law and of threatening the future of Orthodoxy in the United States. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew's reply was that Spyridon will remain in his post "until the day he dies."

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