The National Herald - July 10-11, 1999


Self examination in order
after present Church mess is over

To the Editor,

I have been following your paper's reports on the recent crisis in the Church of America.

Growing up, I was taught that a church is a place where you go to be closer to God; where you can shut off the outside world and its problems and find peace. This notion, of the Church as the House of God —and everything that comes with Him— has been with me for the largest part of my life.

However, I am saddened to say that lately, after everything that has transpired in the last year, or so, I find myself reluctant to go to church. It seems that everybody has been involved in a fight.

Nobody seems to believe anymore that walking into the House of God should mean walking into a place of love, peace, and respect. Not friction, hate, and coldness. Is our religious institution so corrupted that in the name of money and power we forget God?

Some people talk about giving Archbishop Spyridon the opportunity to make things right. Don't you think it's a little too late for that? He should have never let this situation go so far. My father used to say: "Sometimes you just have to know when to compromise." That is a quality which makes a person a great leader. Compromise for the good of your people.

It is unfortunate that interest and personal gain has entered an institution like our church. Unfortunately, we have reached the point where something has to be done.

If this means that Archbishop Spyridon has to resign, then let it be. Sooner or later, especially with the recent signs coming out from the Patriarchate, it seems that somebody will have to take the fall for the present mess. I would hate this somebody to be our Church.

After this situation is fmally resolved, one way or another, one thing will be clear: That will all must go through a thorough self-examination, to see where we went wrong and how we will prevent such a mess from happening again.

Elaine Paraskevaides
Los Angeles, CA

[ The National Herald  -  July 10-11, 1999 - p. 8 ]