The True Orthodox News - December 1999


“All truths that are kept silent become poison” – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

I read your recent comment in the Hellenic Times concerning the poison-pen letters and I feel that I should respond to you. First of all I am more of a man than you will ever be. My name is John, Michael, Alexander and every name that exists, because I am a part of all of you who don’t know all the information and truth. Yet you all want to know the truth and share it with others. You, John Catsimatides do not have the guts to defend what your heart tells you is correct. You proved this to all of us when you changed your statement as soon as the new Archbishop was enthroned.

Isn’t true that the only reason you even made this small comment is because your wife is so concerned for your koumbaro Alexander Karloutsos? Isn’t also true that your wife is the one who is constantly telling you to support him in every possible way including financial support by paying all his phone bills (and he has more than one line in his home).

Let’s call it the way it really is:

  • Your newspaper is circulated only among a few within the Metropolitan area, while my letters are circulating throughout the United States and Europe.
  • You are only concerned in protecting your koumbaro, who brain washed you into marrying your wife after he was involved with her for a long time and wanted to get her off his back.
  • You refer to the pain that my letters are inflicting on certain individuals and their families, yet you do not mention the pain that was inflicted on by your koumbaro on Archbishop Iakovos and Archbishop Spyridon and the entire Greek Orthodox Christian population when he was circulating his anonymous letters.

Let’s face it John as president of the Archdiocesan Council you should have supported the only spiritual father we truly had. You should have used your own money and some of your wealthy friends and counter offer greedy Bartholomew with more for the sake of our religion. How hypocritical can you be? You are just as bad as your koumbaro Karloutsos who is only interested in MONEY and POWER.

Is our Machiavellian priest God-fearing when he goes both ways (everyone knows and speaks of his “intimate” relationship to Michael Huffington that he spent a week with in Hawaii, and with his Friend-Protector overseas)? I am God-fearing and I also believe in justice that is why I am not ashamed to write the truth. I will continue to write the truth because I know very well that all who receive my letters want to know more. Some may not agree with my format but then again I can’t please everyone and write the way they want me to.

My last comment to you John is search your heart and show all of us who you truly are, not who you were changed to be.

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