Voithia - July 23, 1999

Tara Concelman says Voithia is "the source of the chaos"


To the "Orthodox Leaders of America"

My heart is heavy and a great sadness has overcome me for the future of our church in America. You are the cause, you are the shame.

You do not represent me, you are not my leaders. You profess to know the good of the Orthodox people of this country, you know only the extent of your influence, you know only the extent of the power of your opinion.

I do not pretend to believe for one second that Archbishop Spyridon is innocent of mistakes or even bad judgement. I know that he is fallible. I know that he has disappointed. But I know he is human. What one among you, what one among our beloved Metropolitans can hold this great honorable and weighty position without mistakes, without disappointing someone, without completely failing at times? There is not one.

Have you considered the end result of your powerfully and masterfully planned division? Have you considered what might happen should you receive what you want? Due to your excellent example of bullying, and buying power and influence, what is to stop the next group of powerful, angry people from destroying whatever it is that you establish? You have not truly sought the desire of the Orthodox People so what will stop those that disagree with you and do not accept whomever is established to fulfill your wishes? If you get your way, you will have established a precedent for loud clamouring and forcing of a group of people who become angered by the power of the Archbishop.

Whether your issues are right or wrong, your actions have destroyed the power, the fullness, the authority of the Archbishopric of America. You have destroyed her in an attempt to be American, when our church has remained steadfast to the principles of Christ not by a democracy but by a hierarchy established by the apostles. You are tearing this apart with your amazing power and money. I am an American, I am a convert, I want an American Orthodox Church, I do not want to be Greek. I do not believe for one minute that you want an "American Archbishop" who knows American ways. I believe this has been your battle cry for lack of any other battle cry in order to divide, confuse and conquer.

Beware of what you ask for. You may have yourself and your behavior served back to you on a silver platter because there will be those who again are disenfranchised, by whomever you pick to take the Archbishop's place. Be on your knees asking God to forgive you.

"From Bartholomaios to Spyridon, to chaos" you say. Congratulations for being the source of the chaos.

God have mercy on us all!

Tara Concelman
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
Orlando, Florida

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