Athens News Agency - 4/21/00
Omogeneiaka - 4/21/00


The members of the Executive Committee of the Archdiocese of America are being convened in order to examine their position pertaining to the cutting of H.E. Spyridon's pension. They were not informed in advance of this development regarding the former Archbishop of America.

Be it as it may, Mr. Harry Pappas, owner of many Television stations in America and member of the Executive Committee, seems to be determined to take action against the Archdiocese. He will demand that the decision of the Executive Committee be immediately enforced as pertaining to the Former Archbishop's pension, which the Executive Committee voted unanimously to give him last June.

The present Archbishop of America who was asked to comment on this subject characteristically said to Athens News Agency: "I do not consider that this subject is for discussion. It is a very delicate question which requires delicate handling and it is not a subject for public discussion"

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on this subject the former Archbishop of America, Spyridon, told the Athens News Agency: "I am baffled with this development, because the agreement with the Mother Church was totally different. In any case, the legal initiative that will be taken, as I have been informed, by members of the Executive Committee, is their own decision. I am saddened, of course, because I foresee this whole matter opening new wounds upon the Church of America.

This is the first time the former Archbishop of America comments publicly after his resignation from the Archdiocesan throne. Archbishop Spyridon in a letter to the Patriarchate this past September said he resigns from active ecclesiastical ministry by refusing to accept his election to the position of Metropolitan of Chaldia.

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