The Hellenic Times - April 24, 2000


Publisher's Comment

By John A. Catsimatidis

Easter is upon us. It is a time for penitent reflection. It is a time for joyous celebration. It is a time to be with our families, loved ones and friends. It is a time for brotherly love.

Please allow me to extend my best wishes by wishing all of you: Kali Anastasi Kai Kalo Pascha. Christos Anesti!

Brotherly Love And The Forgotten Man

It has now been eight months since the departure of Archbishop Spyridon from the Archdiocese of America. He served the universal Church and our local community for more than 31 years. He has expressed his desire to retire with dignity and to live his life in peace.

I am very disturbed that the issue of his pension remains unresolved. All it requires is an act of good will. An act of good will isn't simply an act of charity. It's also an act of justice.

After all, even the most cutthroat corporations treat retiring CEO's with a certain level of decency. As a Church, therefore, we above all should show compassion and brotherly love.

I am very grateful to His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios for his supportive efforts to resolve this issue.

It is distressing to many members of our community, and to me personally, however, that anyone who preaches Christian love would resist this process. If people feel Archbishop Spyridon did something wrong, then those people should forgive him.

Whether we are in America or Europe or anywhere else, the Church is one, so whether it is the Patriarchate or the Archdiocese or both which settle this matter, the matter should be settled in a loving manner and put to rest.

Prime Minister Simitis

Congratulations are in order to Prime Minister Costas Simitis for his victory in the Greek elections on April 9.

I know many Americans are encouraged that Mr. Simitis and his administration are in a position to continue their good work. And I know for a fact that President Clinton is also very pleased.

As the President said, the close election proves that the democratic process is alive and well in Greece; that Greece has chosen to stay the present course of economic prosperity and fuller integration with the European Union; to continue its leadership role in the Balkans; and to stay consistent with recent progress in improving relations with Turkey, as well as in reaching a peaceful and lasting settlement of the Cyprus issue.

The President also applauded New Democracy Chairman Costas Karamanlis for running such a fine and competitive race. I share the President's sentiments.

We're happy Mr. Simitis won, and we like Mr. Karamanlis. But we're not interested in party politics. We're interested in what's good for Greece, and what's good for Greece right now is to stay consistent with current progress.

President Clerides

Heartfelt congratulations are also extended to President Glafcos Clerides of Cyprus on his recent trip to Israel.

Mr. Clerides' visit to the Holy Land is significant because he promotes good relations with all of Cyprus' neighbors. By going to Israel, he proved that Cyprus is the hinge on the door which swings between East and West. His trip also showed, once again, that Cyprus is a progressive country.

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