Archon Nicholas Chatzopoulos Incensed About Recent St Basil Video


Nicholas Chatzopoulos
Archon Aktouarios

St. Basil Academy
Rev. Fr. C Sitaras, Director
Garrison, N.Y. 10524

December 7, 2000

Dear Father,

After watching the St. Basil Academy video tonight, I would like to congratulate you, Dr. Gounardes and everybody else who worked so hard and so diligently to prepare this exceptional work.

As the video was coming to the end though, I realized that something was missing and that omission made me very sad, real sad ...

I remember in 1998, when I was appointed member to the Board of Trustees, I toured the buildings along with Mr. Panikos Papanikolaou and your predecessor. What a disappointment. The Main Building, the House where Archbishop Michael lived, the next door house to it and the two houses to the left of the Chapel, the Gym, the Pool, the Medical Building, the Ahepa School and the Dorms, where in bad shape. The old stone houses mentioned above, including the Main Building, were in ruins and they were ABANDONED. They were abandoned by Archbishop Iakovos, the Caretakers and the Board of Trustees that he had appointed ...

I saw the holes in the walls, the broken windows, the ruined plaster and the crumbling walls and floors. I need no help to remember, I saw these facts with my own eyes ...

And then we had a new Archbishop and everything changed for the Academy of St. Basil. He appointed a new Director: Fr. Sylvester, a new President: Dr. Gounardes and new, energetic, visionary Board of Trustee members. Gave them direction and courage and the "AnagennhsiV" begun. By the end of 1998, we had spent or contracted over $500,000 worth of renovations and the progress is still continuing. Best of all this New Archbishop appointed you as the new energetic and visionary Director and you have done miracles, working closely with these Board Members.

Now back to the video. As we were watching the end of it, I realized that although all of the Archbishops were mentioned, starting with Archbishop Athenagoras, NO mention was done about Archbishop Spyridon. Not a picture. And if you permit me to paraphrase the title of Theo Halo's Book: "NOT EVEN HIS NAME".

And I wonder, WHY? WHY? Who made that decision? Who eliminated three years of the history of this Archdiocese and this Institution? Who has the right to do this?

When we are creating a video which is part of history, do we have the right to pick and choose the historical events? And for what purpose? I can go on and on, but it is of no use ...

Father, please, next time you read to us from the Bible, find a paragraph that refers to FAIRNESS and for standing up for the TRUTH. I am sure all of us could benefit ...

Best wishes and Happy Holidays.

Nicholas Chatzopoulos
Archon Aktouarios

cc. Dr. S. Gounardes

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